Benefits of Staying at a Boutique Hotel in Your Tel Aviv Vacation

Budget travelers should consider checking into the boutique hotels in Tel Aviv if they are trying to save money on their trips. Even though this type of hotel is smaller, it has decent and clean rooms that will ensure you have a comfortable stay. All the furniture in the room are new. There are nice bathrooms with hot shower facility. If you need anything, you can always order the staff from the lobby by using the phone in the room.


If you want to go to any place, you can easily hire a taxi in front of the boutique hotel. Many boutique hotels provide shuttle service to and fro the Ben Gurion Airport. Boutique hotels in Tel Aviv are elegant and feature unique themes. Some boutique hotels use a different theme for each room so that every room is unique in its own way. They often have an arty architecture design and has many different kinds of arts hung throughout the hotel.

The advantage of staying at a boutique hotel is that you get a personalized service. The staff know you by the name because it is a small hotel. They will greet you by calling you your first name. This creates a warmer atmosphere at the boutique hotel and you will feel as if it is your own home. The staff will make sure everything you need is provided so that you don’t have to request for them.

You can find boutique hotels no matter where you go in Tel Aviv. Boutique hotels in Tel Aviv are owned by individuals instead of large corporation like the major hotel chain. The boutique hotel is equipped with small and large suites. Large rooms often come with a small living space with sofa. Some of the amenities that you can find at the boutique hotel are swimming pool on the roof terrace, spa, sauna, and in house restaurant.

If bring your pet dog along, you should check with the hotel to see if they allow dogs. There are many hotels that allow you to bring dogs into the room. The boutique hotel may also have a child care center where you can send your children when you want to go for an outing for a while without being accompanied by the children.

Boutique hotels in Tel Aviv often offers free gifts to make your stay memorable for example free wine bottle. The cost of staying at a boutique hotel is about 20% cheaper compared to the mega hotel, which gives you more value over your money.

Boutique hotel is suitable for you if you are fed up of staying at the high rise hotel. Boutique hotels usually have not more than 40 rooms so you can easily find your way without getting lost. You can do research on the boutique hotels in Tel Aviv on Google. You can visit the websites of the boutique hotels to take a look at the room designs and check the room rate. You can book the hotel through telephone or the online hotel booking site.