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Unconventional Things To Do In Istanbul

Unconventional Things To Do In Istanbul

Istanbul is an iconic city and is one of the most popular destinations in Turkey. It offers visitors a cultural infusion that awakens the senses and perfectly combines tradition with modern influences. If you’ve already researched into things you can do when visiting Istanbul, then you’ve probably come across the usual suspects; shopping in the grand bazaar, visiting Ottoman palaces, admiring Hagia Sophia and visiting the Blue Mosque. If you’re looking for a more alternative take on everything that Istanbul has to offer, then let us take you on a journey of some of the more unusual and unconventional things you can do in Istanbul…

Try The Street Food

Everybody knows about the doner, but what about its other tantalising treats that most Turkish people miss when they’re away from home? If you can, be sure to try a few of the following when you visit Istanbul: baklava, lahmacun, midye dolma, kokorec and cig kofte.

Check Out Bosphorus

As a natural frontier between Europe and Asia, Bosphorus stands as an impressive landmark in Istanbul. You can change continents whenever you like- have breakfast in Europe with a view of Asia or vice versa!

Witness A Sama Ritual

It would be a massive shame to go all the way to Istanbul and miss out on seeing the Dervishes perform their Sama ritual. Sama is an ancient Sufi ceremony that is performed by people who seek the truth and want to lose themselves in God. Their dance is peaceful and beautiful to behold!

Climb The Tower

The tower of Istanbul has taken many roles over the course of its life. It has been a light house, a defence tower, and asylum for Christian war captives, an observatory and a launching platform for the first human to attempt to fly on his own!

Istanbul Is The New Berlin

Istanbul is an ideal city to visit if you’re looking for the best of both worlds. In the day time you can be visiting mosques and churches and in the evening you can enjoy amazing food and party the night away.

Hagia Sophia

Hagia Sophia, or the church of Divine Wisdom, was first a Pagan temple. It was then turned into a mosque and has now establishes itself as a place to see before you die. The building is full of wonder and mystery and proves to be an unforgettable experience for many people due to its grandeur.

A Common Question

Many people are often asking online whether there are any casinos in Istanbul. It is important to respect the laws of the country you are in so please be aware that Turkey banned casinos in 1998 and banned non-state gambling in 2006. While a state lottery and betting services exist and there are some forms of betting online, tourist should not expect to be able to gamble whilst on holiday in Istanbul.

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