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5 Tips for Late Season Goose Hunting!

It’s that time of the year again when the geese will return to their homelands up in the mountains after spending a frosty winter season on the grounds. Geese hunters from across the globe wait forthis quarter so that they can enjoy a perfect goose hunting season.

Now, goose hunting is one art that would set the difference between the professionals and the beginners. It can be tricky and can be hard to master if you will not follow the basic tips. Since the flock sizes of the geese are generally bigger than usual this season; this means that you need to stay more vigilant and focused so that you may end up hunting some geese.

Here are the top 5 tips you should be looking at this late season that would help you gain a great geese hunting experience this year.

  1. Move Around:

Goose hunting is all about going to the places where they can be found easily. Since, big rivers are the main spot where geese often build their homes; you need to move there so that you may be able to hunt down a few ones.

Sometimes, they can be found near the banks of small rivers as well but that is a rare case scenario. You can go to the middle of the river with the help of a boat and often two or three geese show up which can be hunted down easily.

  1. Hear The Calling:

Probably the most underrated aspect of goose hunting is the calls that one needs to hear. This is the factor many of the hunters miss out the most. Stay focused and hear a quack or honk or a cluck near you when you are set off to a goose hunting expedition the next time.

You can even record the calling quacks in your smartphone so that it will get easy for you to recognize it the next time.

  1. Use The Flag:

Yet another important aspect that you should never forget is to use the flagging option as you go for the goose hunt. While using this option; the timing of the flagging is very important.

Geese normally stay in groups and while they are circling around; that’s the time when you can use the flag option. Moreover, you can also use short flags instead of a big one as the geese land there but make sure that you do it with caution.

  1. Timing Is Important:

Late Season Geese Hunting can be a tedious task if you have ignored the importance of getting it done at the right time. Cold season is just not recommended to do it although as per the professional hunters; this is the best time.

For beginners; you should wait for the spring season to blossom so that the geese will return to their habitats.

  1. Proper Outfit:

Last but not the least; your hunting outfit should be prim and proper. Keep a warm set of gloves, caps and winter boots with you so that you may … Read More