Ferry travel from Singapore to Batam

If you are person who is vacationing in Singapore you have many choices to make your vacation more interesting. It is to be noted that you have tons of things to enjoy in this vacation. Since you are in Singapore, you can make a trip to the tourist spots nearby. This is because Singapore is surrounded by many world renowned tourist spots which can be reached within few hours of travel. Among these tourist spots, Batam in Indonesia is considered to be the most favorite choice of many people from different parts of the world. The most interesting thing about Bantam is this is island which is surrounded by beaches all the side. Thus, the beaches are very famous in this city.

How to travel?

Since Bantam is an island, they can be reached through the sea route from Singapore. This travel will consume only 40 minutes. It may consume extra 10 minutes depending upon their stops. However, it will not exceed 50 minutes at any extent. Thus within one hour, one can reach Bantam from Singapore. There are many ferries in different timing which are operated through this terminal. The tourist can book the ferries in their most convenient timing. If you are planning to visit this place along with your family, you have made a right decision. Obviously your kids will enjoy this ferry travel to a greater extent. Even though this is a sea route, there is nothing to get panic as the ferries have all the safety measures needed to secure their travelers. Hence undoubtedly you can use the ferries for this travel.

What are they?

The ferries are nothing but the boats which are used for conveying passengers. This type of boats will be used in order to cover the shorter distance in water. The ferries from Singapore to Batam act as the regular service as they are operated daily. And it is to be noted that more ferries are operated from Singapore in different time. You can feel free to choose the time according to your convenience. But the only thing you are supposed to ensure in this journey is the availability of tickets. Since this is a busiest sea route which is also used for trading, you need to book the tickets well in advance.

Where to book?

If you are puzzled regarding where to book these tickets, you can get rid of your worries by making use of the online booking websites. There are some websites where the availability of ferries, timings and other related factors can be referred and the booking can be done within short span of time. If you tend to book these tickets in advance, you need not waste your time by standing in queue for getting these tickets. Thus, once if you have decided to travel by ferry from singapore to batam, without delay you can book the tickets through the online facilities. But you need to choose the right website for booking these tickets without getting into any hassles.