Five Things to Consider While Searching for your Next Luxury Escape

More than ever, people have shown great interest in luxury escapes Melbourne. The city, after all, has been proclaimed as one of the best cities to live in and this has piqued the interest of lots of tourists and travelers both in and out of Australia.

There are a lot of companies that offer luxury tours in the city, but not every travel agency offers a great deal. Here are some things you have to consider:

Availability of Travel Agency or Touring Company

Melbourne is a global city, attracting tourists from every corner of the world. All year round, tourists flock this southern Australian city, which means travel agencies and touring companies are often fully booked. Melbourne usually receives the least tourism traffic during its winter months from June to August while it peaks in December to February. It is better to confirm with the company itself whether they are indeed available.

Expertise of Private Travel Guide

As one of the first cities in Australia, Melbourne is rich in history and culture so the private travel guide assigned to you must be knowledgeable about advanced information about Melbourne. He or she does not have to be a know-it-all but the tour should at least have a comprehensive commentary that actually makes you want to know more about the city.

Location of Hotel

A few of the travel agencies and touring companies book rooms in hotels way too far from Melbourne’s center to save up on operating costs, but this is actually a disadvantage for you. Before you commit to hiring the services of a certain company, ask first the possible hotels where you will be staying and then research their location. If they are more than 45 minutes away from the city center, you may want to consider hiring another luxury travel agency or touring company.

Quality of Accommodation’s Amenities and Features

The state of the hotel’s features and amenities should also be checked. Even when you are away on vacation, there is a possibility that you will need to make important Skype calls or check urgent emails. This is why even when you feel like you do not need it at first, you should still go for a hotel that has a strong Wi-Fi network.

If you want to keep on your fitness routine, you may also want to inquire whether the hotel has gym and sauna facilities so you can still exercise and relax after your day tour.

What you need in a hotel ultimately boils down to personal preference so it is important that you communicate clearly with the travel company.

Diverse Itinerary

There are a lot of tourist magnets in Melbourne so the itinerary that will be arranged for you must have diverse kinds of stops. It should have a balance between historical buildings, natural attractions and cultural centers so that you will be able to get the ultimate Melbourne experience.

So if you are planning to have a luxury tour of Melbourne, you may want to consider the things above to make it enjoyable.