Hidden Paradise of Gili Meno in Lombok Island

You’re on holiday in Bali and want to try a vacation to Lombok? If yes, you should visit the Gili Meno beach. Gili Meno has a beautiful white sand beaches, clear sea water, coral reefs are still awake and pollution-free air.

The natural beauty offered by the Gili Meno island  be a priority for the tourists who visit. Carrying thousands of tourists come and visit the island of Gili every time. Even foreign tourists did not lose the enthusiasm to enjoy the charms of stunning natural dyke on the island of Lombok.

Gili Island is widely available on the island of Lombok. Such as Gili Trawangan, Gili Air and Gili Meno can be an option we travel on the island of Lombok. Gili Meno become an island Gili Meno less desirable tourists, because it is located far enough. And if we come and pay a visit to Gili Meno, our eyes will surely be amazed by the stunning charm.

Gili Meno Tourism

Gili meno has natural charm was extraordinary. Even underwater natural charm is also very charming. With its clean sea water, making Gili Meno is a proper place to conduct various marine activities, such as swimming, snorkeling and more.

Attractions Attractions Gili Meno Lombok

Like two other Gili Meno, Gili Meno also be a Gili Meno island complete with white sand is so beautiful. Walk – the road at the seashore while enjoying a grain of sand is very attractive, with its structure as pepper. It will make your vacation more enjoyable in Lombok. Gili Meno atmosphere is quiet, for those who want to find sites with the impression of a quiet and like being on a private island, it is highly recommended to visit Lombok’s Gili Meno.

For those of you who like to swim, can also enjoy an outdoor activity in Gili Meno. Its clear waters will certainly make you feel at home playing water linger – long in Tourism Gili Meno. Gili Meno also provides snorkeling gear that you can rent, to see the beauty of the tourist submarine that is owned by one of Lombok’s Gili. By doing snorkeling, lots of underwater beauty that you can find. We can enjoy the coral reefs are still awake d beauty, and fish – fish of various species varied running in the underwater world Gili Meno. Certainly an unforgettable experience you’ll find here.

Trips to the Gili Meno beach, not only can enjoy the beautiful beaches, you can visit a breeding green turtle as attractions turtle island in Bali and see some rare bird species in Indonesia as well as rare birds that exist in many countries like, eagle parrot, flamingo , pelicans, Bali starlings.