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All The Important Points You Must Know About RV Parks

An RV park or otherwise known as caravan park is a place to which people with RVs could stay overnight or even longer in the space allotted which is also known as pitches especially in Europe, Australia and North America. In addition to that, they are referred to as campgrounds though true campground that provide facilities for tent camping and other facilities that call themselves as RV parks offer cabins or tent camping with limited facilities.

And for the allocated space or site/pitch facilities, this might include an AC power connection that’s rated typically by their capacity such as 15, 20, 30 or 50 amperes, drinking water and sewer connection, telephone connection, television connection, hotspot and so on.

As for the park facilities itself, it might include a barbecue area, convenience store, bathhouses, dump station, gift shop, exercise equipment, golf course, hot tubs, laundry, restrooms, picnic tables, recreational hall, swimming pool, restaurant/bar, showers and the likes.

RV parks depend according to the region that caters it as well like what you would see in the next examples.

Australia – there’s basically no differentiation between a trailer park and an RV park. As a matter of fact, the term that is used to refer both is caravan park. The phrase holiday park on the other hand is becoming more and more common with numerous parks increasing their onsite cabin stocks, which is typically accompanied by reduction in caravan sites.

Europe – the caravan sites in this continent depend in the age of facility. Majority of the new sites are built to environment friendly standards and have facilities that are compatible with the latest RVs.

New Zealand – in this country, caravan parks, holiday parks or motor camps are the common terms being used for long term or overnight based camping. The parks are also offering cabins and tent sites, rudimentary building with cooking as well as several cooking facilities that’s shared with others.

North America – here, most of the RV parks are available to the all-comers and rent spaces on weekly or nightly basis much like in a hotel or motel. Some parks are operating on timeshare basis. The membership campgrounds are operating like clubs wherein members ought to pay for initial membership fee as well as annual dues. There is an approximate 13000 RV parks owned by private individuals and an estimated 1600 parks that are catering to all RV enthusiasts across the United States whether you believe it or not. Majority of these RV parks also offer Wi-Fi hotspot access on daily, weekly or even monthly basis however, there are some instances in which the Wi-Fi access is included in the fee of campsite.