PC Computer Gaming World’s Most Expensive 2016

Here I just want to share the info, because I and you certainly will not be possible to have that cost PC Gaming Computer Gaming PC 🙂 WOW this is it? “Slinky Supercomputer” which reportedly cost around $ 14,000 !! not to discourage, but if you are like or we have a windfall such as whether it can be a lottery, success in business or other, that much money a lot of good ya made to buy a car, house such as or played again for another business.

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But yes depending on each person as well, there may be also interested to buy 🙂 Well .. Immediately, we see some of the advantages and benefits of PC Computer Gaming World’s Most Expensive !!
PC Computer Gaming Supercomputer of Slinky Expensive Luxury Hardware specs are very tough, class exceeds the average PC game market, for performance or kitchen spur, this computer is already embedded advanced technologies mainstay of the Intel Core i7-4960X Intel Ivy Bridge-E Extreme Edition (15M Cache, up to 4:00 GHz) combined with high memory capacity up to 32GB Corsair Dominator Platinum high Performance (PC3 2400MHz) with storage disk reaches 2 x Samsung 840 PRO 512GB SSD in Raid 0 ~ Primary hard disk + (3 + 2TB) on SATA and the most amazing thing is the graphics technology that is super high quality 4 x EVGA NVIDIA GeForce GTX TITAN 6GB Quad SLI + 4 x EK-FC Titan Backplate – Black.

And all of them supported by Operation latest system of Windows ie Windows 8 Pro 64-bit and for the other specifications are like the motherboard Tech Rampage IV Extreme from ASUS also has a power supply powered 1500W Cooler Master Silent Pro M2 and there are also other equipment, which certainly high quality as well.

With superior technology features as above certainly do not doubt the price reached $ 14,000 !! but that makes PC Computer Gaming Supercomputer added Slinky expensive is the coolant unique technology that has a Water cooling system !! which he said almost every component in your PC Gaming is cooled from the water so as to make the weight of PC World’s Most Expensive reached 40kg !!