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Some Of The Best Travel Spots That Asia Has To Offer

Apart from being the largest continent, Asia at the same time is the richest and most admirable natural treasures with diverse culture too. There’s no doubt that Asia is a go-to place for any travelers from its landmarks of antiquity and mystical temples, enhancing landscapes and soothing beaches to astonishing infrastructures of modernity and skyscrapers.

Here is a quick glimpse of the top travel destinations in this continent.

Number 1. Jerusalem, Israel – Asia is where the world’s biggest and popular religions originated. Jerusalem is holy land for Christians, Muslims and Jews and some of the notable places to be visited here include Golgotha to which Jesus was crucified, Dome of the Rock and the Cenacle.

Number 2. Beijing, China – second to the biggest economy across the world, this country is a good contender for being the oldest civilization. Actually, this capital host some momentous cultural sites similar to Forbidden City, imperial palace of China’s ancient dynasties and the world’s famous Great Wall of China.

Number 3. Angra, India – this country is among the most diversified exotic cultures you can find in anywhere in the globe. What’s more, Angra is known to host some glamorous civilization of Mughal Empire, which was as progressive as Roman Empire. The Taj Mahal is some of the notable places to be visited, which is one of the 7 wonders of the world.

Number 4. Palawan, Philippines – for those who are seeking beauty and pleasure, the country is haven for it since it’s rich in natural resources and the people are so hospitable. Palawan also has the new 7 wonders of the world which is the underground river.
The Tubbataha reef boasting the most beautiful coral reefs in any part of the world and plenty of pristine tropical beaches as well.

Number 5. Tokyo, Japan – say that you are a big fan of anime, traditional samurai and be in the know for the latest hi-tech gadget in the world, then this is without a doubt the one place you should visit in Asia. To be specific, go to Tokyo since this is where the center of all hi-tech is located.

Number 6. Phuket, Thailand – believe it or not, this country has never been infected and colonized by western culture. The country is a true wonder as the purity of its tradition and culture is preserved. Phuket even boasts countless of sandy beaches and immolate waters as well like Westin Siray Bay, Bangtao as well as Surin Beach.

Number 7. Mt. Everest, Nepal – this is the highest mountain in the world, making it a top tourist destination.