Tips to choose a good hotel

Hotel is one of the factors that affect your comfort when traveling. If you have a hotel that is convenient, you can rest peacefully at night, so the next afternoon your body will be fresh enough to explore the attractions you visit. But conversely, if the hotel you choose is not comfortable then you trip the next day can be interrupted. To get a cheap and convenient hotel, follow these tips:

1. Do not forget to see the reviews

Before ordering a hotel, either through a conventional travel agent or online travel agent, you should see a hotel review that you will choose. One of the popular online review is Puncak Hotel Review. In addition, some online travel agents also have reviews and comments from people who had stayed previously.

2. The location of the hotel

We recommend that you choose a location that is close to many places to eat or consider the hotel is also located near major attractions you want to visit. If you stay away from the place where to eat or the main attractions, you will wasteful transportation costs. It could be that hotel prices seem cheaper but because of its location far away, eventually you will get tired and become more extravagant.

3. Facilities

Choose a hotel that have facilities according to your needs. If you want to enjoy the sights outside the hotel and the hotel just as a place to sleep you put goods and then choose a budget hotel is the only hotel offering travelers basic needs such as sleep and shower. In this condition do not choose a hotel that offers a variety of facilities. Remember, all the facilities that you get to have a correlation with the money you have to pay. Do not let you spend money on something that you can not enjoy. Conversely, if you’re honeymoon and spent more time in the hotel, the hotel with the facilities and complete service worthy of selection. Some of villas in Bali have a honeymoon package that is ready to treat you like Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

4. Price

If the problem certainly all agreed to choose a hotel with a cheaper price (assuming the same quality and facilities). There are two ways to get the hotel at a cheap price. The first way (suitable for families) is by booking through a travel agent were great. This can happen because the big travel agents can suppress the hotel owners to provide a cheaper contract rate. The second way (suitable for backpacker) because if you can not the hotel, you must be prepared to sleep in the waiting room at the airport :). How this is to book hotel through an online travel agent (sorry did not mention the brand). Many hotel owners offer last minute prices (given on the booking on the same day) at a large discount. The consideration, rather than an empty room, the better discounted, passable cover electricity costs.