Visit the Most 5 Wonders of the World

You are looking forward to such places that give aesthetic pleasure and peace of mind. You have already visited a significant number of such charming sceneries. However, the travelers are discovering the endless series of breathtaking places that should be your next destination. This planet is rich with the picturesque lakes, mountains, lavender, and human-made structures. You will only believe in the bewitching beauty of these places after watching them with your own eyes.


Inconvenience for Smokers

Smokers have to confront trouble because they are not allowed smoking on many tourists’ places. Don’t be panic if you are one of them. The electronic cigarette is an elegant alternative. E-cig doesn’t generate the clouds of unbearable smoke because it contains tobacco e-liquid. You can smoke E-cig in places where the traditional cigarette isn’t allowed. E-cig also an environmental-friendly choice.

Petra – Cultural Heritage of the World

Petra exists on the side of the Mount Hor. This place has historical significance. It remained the center of Nabataean Kingdom. Later on, Romans made it the part their empire. Earthquake dashed it to the ground in AD 663. A Swedish archeologist brought it to the light. If you are enthusiastic to visit the excellent places telling the tale of history, Petra is calling you. You can reach this place by walking. However, facility of a bus, minibus and the rental car is available.

Remember, take e-cig with you to enjoy the tobacco e juice.

Blue Lagoon

Blue Lagoon in Iceland is a romantic part of the world. Its blue water offers otherworldly appearance. If white watercolor gives you comfort, this place should be on your must-do list. Cost-effectiveness of the trip is another highlight. Alcohol is a little bit expensive item, but nothing is beyond your budget. If you have an apprehension of mineral buildup in water, take precautionary measures. Add clarifying shampoo and deep conditioner to avoid any hair problem.

Great Belize Blue Hole

Do you love diving in deep water? Great Blue Hole in Belize is waiting for you. It is 100 km away from the coast of Belize. Incredible scenery of myriad species of sea life and coral formations have the magnet like fascination. This section is the hub of Blacktip shark, Caribbean reef shark, nurse sharks and giant groupers. You may watch such a stunning scene in a Hollywood movies. Visit the Great Belize to relish the real scene.

Wisteria Flower Tunnel

If you are desirous of a breathtaking stroll in the walkway of flowers, Wisteria Flower Tunnel is an excellent choice. Violet, purple, white and pink wisteria flowers make it the fairytale tunnel. The flowers bloom at the end of April, that’s why people call it Golden Days. This tunnel is the offshoot of the Kawachi Fuji, a privately owned garden.

Antarctica’s Striped Icebergs

Environment and pressure have drawn blue, black and green stripes on Antarctica’s icebergs. Along with nature, man has also contributed role to make this continent fascinating. Either you visit Arctic Circle in the North or Antarctica in the South, eye-catching stripes offer a captivating sight.

Don’t forget the E-cig and tobacco e juice to enjoy the tour and wind down the coldness.