Who’s Buried at Westminster Abbey?

The Westminster Abbey is one of the oldest buildings in the country. It is officially known as the Collegiate Church of St. Peter at Westminster, though most people refer to it by its colloquial name. The building is located just towards the western side of the Palace of Westminster, in the City of Westminster, London. It is one of the biggest attractions in all of Britain, and it holds a lot of historical and religious value. Between the years 1540 and 1556, it was regarded as a cathedral. However, in the modern age, the building is now referred to as the Church of England’s “Royal Peculiar.”


The first reports of a church being constructed on this site date as far back as the 970s. It was originally known as St. Peter’s Abbey, and the building underwent a lot of construction and renovations. The construction of the present church and building was undertaken by Henry the Third, in 1245. He chose the site as the place where he would eventually be buried. The abbey was dissolved and restored several times in the centuries to come, with numerous towers and wings being added along the way. A host of royal weddings have been held at this legendary site, which has further solidified its place in history.

The first wedding that was held at Westminster Abbey was back in the year 1100, when King Henry I of England married Matilda of Scotland. The last wedding to have taken place at the historic site was in 2011, when Prince William, the Duke of Cambridge, married Miss Catherine Middleton. The Westminster Abbey has also been chosen by many influential individuals as their burial site. However, with such an extensive history, most people don’t even know about who’s buried at Westminster Abbey. Despite there being several tombs on site, during the 20th century, it became a common practice to bury cremated remains as opposed to full coffins. Here are some of the most influential people who are buried in Westminster Abbey.

Kings and Queens

Many of the kings and queens of England have been buried at Westminster Abbey. Some of the most common names include:

  • Henry III of England.
  • Edward the Confessor, along with his wife Edith of Wessex.
  • Edward V of England.
  • Edward VI of England.
  • Richard II of England.
  • Elizabeth I of England.
  • Charles II of England and Scotland.
  • George II of Great Britain and his wife, Caroline of Ansbach.

The Nave

There are also many influential people who have been buried in the Nave at Westminster Abbey. Here are some of their names:

  • Charles Darwin.
  • Sir Isaac Newton.
  • Ben Johnson.
  • Clement Attlee.
  • Beatrice Webb.
  • Sir Charles Barry.
  • John Andre.
  • Francis Atterbury.
  • Charles Cornewall.
  • Thomas Tompion.
  • Charles Lyell.

There are plenty of other prolific names that are buried in the Westminster Abbey. One of the most distinctive sections is the Tomb of the Unknown Warrior, which is dedicated to an unknown soldier who died in the First World War. It depicts and honours the sacrifice of the thousands that died in defence of their country.