Yacht charter in Turkey – Get the ultimate experience

If you are eager to experience some turquois sea, get to know great picturesque ports and towns and have a lovely dinner at a warm and pleasant atmosphere, then you are probably thinking of Turkey – the country set on two continents: Europe and Asia.

It’s no wonder that Turkey is often the number 1 yacht charter destination in the world: there probably isn’t a better way to spend a vacation than doing it on a yacht with your dear ones, in Turkey.

This country is amongst the most splendid and exciting countries in the world – its tradition combined with the delightful Mediterranean loveliness of its waters are the reasons that are good enough to make you want to go there and sail along the turquoise coast.

The most popular sailing destinations in this lovely country are the pretty Bodrum, Dalaman, Marmaris Fethiye and Göcek. No matter which one you choose, be assured that a lovely holiday is waiting for you.

Things that will make you charter a yacht in Turkey

 Apart from being so attractive in its mere nature, Turkey is a truly extraordinary destination, as it is surrounded by four seas – a dream come true for every sailor.

The over-7000 kilometers long coastline often makes Turkey the most wanted sailing destinations in the world. Also, the flawless sailing conditions including the unique geographical conditions will be a big plus when choosing the perfect destination for a luxury yacht charter in Turkey.

The myriad enchanting beaches, historic ruins, excellent diving spots – they are all easily accessible if you charter a yacht and enjoy all those marvelous things that make Turkey so overwhelming. And though there is nothing better than contemplating the sea while sailing along the Turkish Riviera, spending time at some traditional restaurants that are almost everywhere on the coast – is a must-do.

Charter a yacht from Book2Sail.com for the ultimate experience

While planning, and making a list for things to see and do while in Turkey can be a time-consuming job, choosing the perfect yacht for the duration of your holiday is only a click away.
Our friendly customer service will make this step the easiest of all – since Book2Sail offers yachts that can satisfy each taste and meet every budget. Leave these things up to us, while you still gather lots of useful information about Turkey.

Be aware of these things while sailing in the Turkish Riviera

Sailing sure can be fun, spending the vacation on a yacht at your own pace can as well be the most amazing experience.

Still, there are few things you should be aware of before heading to Turkey and spending your vacation there.

Summer in Turkey can be really hot. If you visiting this exotic country during July and August, do not expect any rain, as it is not common during these months.

Also, one more thing you should be aware of are the winds that usually pick up at the late morning, but don’t stop until late evening. The well-known Turkish name for these winds is ‘Meltemi’, and most local yachtsmen know that they can be pretty strong during the summer months. Therefore, you may want to check the weather prognosis before you head to this sailing dream destination, as there can also be some surprising local winds during the summer, as well.

However, if you prepare well both with a great yacht and lots of information on what to expect while sailing in Turkey, then you are about to spend the most cherished trip ever.